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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sivakasi Latest News Fire Accident District-Profile Images Videos Tamil Crackers Price list Tragedy

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Sivakasi fire unit mishap: 54 killed; PM, Sonia express grief
Sivakasi Latest News Fire Accident District-Profile Images Videos Tamil Crackers Price list Tragedy
Sivakasi Fire Accident 
SIVAKASI (TN): In one of the worst fire tragedies in Tamil Nadu, 54 persons were charred to death and 50 others injured today when a devastating blaze swept through a cracker factory complex at nearby Mudhalipatti.

The factory and 48 sheds in the complex exploded in flames as the fire broke out when workers were mixing chemicals to make fancy fire crackers, trapping many in the inferno, police and fire brigade said. The dead bodies were accounted for by doctors at Sivakasi (25), Virudhunagar (15), Sattur (13) and Madurai (1).

Explosions could be heard across more than two square km in the sleepy village as thick plumes of smoke engulfed the area with bodies burnt beyond recognition and scores of injured lay all round presenting a sight of a battle zone.

Almost all those killed were workers, with some persons who rushed inside the Omshakthi factory complex to try and rescue those trapped inside also falling victim to the blaze, police said. All the victims suffered more than 80 per cent burns. The entire production had been stored in a godown against official advice, they said.

Fire fighters handicapped by lack of proper equipment, including masks, to tackle such major fires had to battle for four hours to douse the raging flames after struggling to enter the complex with thick smoke hampering their efforts.
Officials said all the victims who perished in the fire had suffered more than 80 per cent burns. The task was now to protect sheds where crackers had been stored in nearby areas, they said. An angry mob in the area tried to enter the factory premises but were prevented by the police who sealed the area. Senior minister O 

Panneerselvam and four other colleagues have rushed to the spot to oversee relief operations. Officials attributed the delay in dousing fire to the lack of enough equipment for fire fighters, including mask.
Five women were charred to death and seven other workers suffered severe burn injuries when a major fire broke out in a Sivakasi fireworks unit on Friday.
Sivakasi Latest News Fire Accident District-Profile Images Videos Tamil Crackers Price Tragedy
Sivakasi Latest News 
The fire spread from the chemical mixing room of the private pyroworks factory at Kalayarkurichi in the afternoon when the workers were handling inflammable chemical powders being used to manufacture fancy fireworks ahead of Deepavali this year.
Fire service personnel quoting eyewitnesses said the five workers, including one from Bihar, were mixing chemical powders when the blaze was sparked by friction.
“Unaware of that the fire would spread quickly, the workers stood along the wall in a corner of the room instead of fleeing,” a fire and emergency services officer said.
“But the fire roared through the room. They were charred to death. Most were burnt beyond recognition.” The blaze spread so fast that seven workers eating lunch outside the room sustained severe burns.
The injured were immediately rushed to Sivakasi Government Hospital from where they were moved to Madurai for further treatment. Three fire tenders were pressed into service to douse the fire.
The officer said Angammal, 50, and Shanmugathai, 48, of Pudukottai, Avudaithai, 53, and Veerammal, 50, of Kadaneri, and Mamtha, 26, from Bihar died in the mishap.
The seven injured were identified as Murugan, 45, Ushma, 20, Muniyandi, 45, Padmavathay, 50, Amma-ponnu, 40, Pandi, 53, and Veerammal, 50.
All of them have been admitted to Government Rajaji and Grace Kennet hospitals in Madurai. Their condition is stated to be critical, with over 70 per cent burns, the police said.
“The operation took over six hours as the chemicals were packed in plastic sacks, making it hard to stop the combustion, but there was no explosion. The workers had allowed the chemical powder to dry and this caused friction resulting in a major fire accident,” a the officer said.
Revenue officials also rushed to the spot and IT minister R.B. Udhayakumar, Virudhunagar collector M. Balaji and S.P. Najmal Hoda visited the fireworks factory.
The M Pudupatti police has registered a case and is investigating.

King Harikesari Parakkiramma Pandian , the king of Tenkasi between 1428 and 1460, wanted to construct a temple for Lord Siva at Tenkasi. He went to Benaras (Kasi) and worshipped the Lord and brought a Sivalingam from there. While returning from Benaras to Tenkasi with Sivalingam the King and his army were too tired and they decided to take rest under the "Vilva" trees (now the Sivan Kovil). They spent a night over there.
In the early morning the King got up and made preparations for his journey. But the Cow which carried the Sivalingam refused to move from that place. The Queen also attained her puberty. On the account of various incidents , the King placed the Sivalingam where he rested and built a small Temple at that place itself and performed Poojas.

Accordingly, the Sivalingam was enshrined in the month of Vaikasi at Rohini Star and worshipped the Sivalingam. Normally Temple will be dedicated for a town, but to a great dismay after the advent of the temple this town was formed around this temple and hence the town was named as Sivakasi.
In 1559, the King of Madurai Thirumalai Naicker send his younger brother Muthu Veerappa Naicker to Sivakasi as the Regirdhar (Governor) . He came to Sivakasi and realized the worth of Lord Siva. He build the Sivan Kovil and all facilities and Sculptures. The forest around the temple was made into a living place.
Till 1920 this town was in the status of Union Panchayat in G.O.No:779 dated 14-6-1920 . Govt. has constituted the Sivakasi Town Panchayat as a Municipality with effect from 1-10-1920 , and then the Govt. appointed Revenue Divisional Officer Sri.T.S. Ramasamy, B.A.B.L., as an Ex. Officio Chairman of the Council consisting of 12 members nominated by Govt. This Nominated body was continued up to 1923-24.

From the year 1924-25 the council was represented by the elected body of the people and Thiru P.S. Ramasamy Nadar was the first elected Chairman of the Municipal Council of Sivakasi . At that time, this town was divided into 12 wards and 16 counsilors.  Later the Strength was increased to 24 and revising the town into 22 electoral wards with 2 reserved seats one for Schedule Caste and the other for women. The strength of the Council was further revised as 30 and the wards have been revised as 28. The Municipality attained the status of 2nd graded Municipality from 28-9-1971 and as 1st grade from 1-10-1978 . The area of the Municipality at the time of constitution was 227 acres.
Now Sivakasi is a Municipal town which is situated in Virudhunagar district of Tamilnadu state is in South India . Sivakasi is at +106.07 meter above sea level . This town is located at 9.28 North latitude and 77.48 East longitude . This town is about 6.89 sq. kilometers.
With the grace and mercy of Lord Siva the city became popular for its renowned products like Matches, Fireworks and Printing.

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