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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ICAI Announcements exam results latest news examination cpt forms admit card ipcc 2012 online nirc

ICAI-(Institute of Chartered Accountants of India): 
       The motto of the ICAI is Ya Aeshu Suptaeshu Jagruti.The motto literally means "a person who is awake in those that sleep". It is a quotation from the Upanishads (Kathopanishad). It was given to the ICAI at the time of its formation in 1949 by Sri Aurobindo as a part of its emblem. CA. C. S. Shastri, a Chartered Accountant from Chennai went to Sri Aurobindo and requested him through a letter to give an emblem to the newly formed Institute of which he was an elected member from the Southern India
ICAI Announcements exam results latest news examination cpt forms admit card ipcc 2012 online nirc
     In reply to this request, Sri Aurobindo gave him the emblem with a Garuda, themythical eagle in the centre and a quotation from the Upanishad:Ya Aeshu Suptaeshu Jagruti. The emblem along with the motto was placed at the first meeting of the Council of the Institute and was accepted amongst many other emblems placed by other members of the Council.
    Apart from its emblem, ICAI also has a separate logo for its members. As a part of a brand building exercise, ICAI introduced this separate new CA logo for the use of its members in 2007. The logo is free for use by all members of ICAI subject to certain conditions. The logo was launched by the then Minister of Corporate Affairs, Prem Chand Gupta at the occasion of the Chartered Accountant Day (1 July). Members of ICAI cannot use the ICAI emblem, but they are encouraged to use the CA logo instead on their official stationery.
    The Mission of the ICAI as stated by it is: “The Indian Chartered Accountancy profession will be the Valued Trustees of World Class Financial Competencies, Good Governance and Competitiveness.”
ICAI Announcements exam results latest news examination cpt forms admit card ipcc 2012 online
      The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) is planning to set up 1,000 cost management accounting (CMA) support centres across the country in the next 12 months.“We are planning to open one centre in each district across the country. Around 300 such centres are ready to be launched by next week,” ICAI president M Gopalkrishnan told mediapersons here on Monday.
     “The demand is so huge that we are not able to meet the requirement. According to a study done by the government three years ago, there is a demand for one million CA professionals a year. Seeing the demand, we are setting up the CMA support centres and also planning to train 500,000 students in the next two years,” he said.
     The main objective of the centres will be to train students from rural, semi-urban, and Tier-III and Tier-IV cities. The centres will be opened through the help of various educational institutions and other eligible organisations and enable the students to get practical training in IT, taxation, corporate law and other areas.
Launching a new advanced course – Performance Management and Appraisal System – at ICAI’s Hyderabad centre of excellence, he said, “This course is aimed at meeting the growing demand of cost accounting professional in the country. Through the short-term course, we can train many students on capacity-building with hands-on experience.”
ICAI Announcements exam results latest news examination cpt admit card ipcc 2012 online nirc
ICAI has plans to launch two more courses – business valuations and corporate restructuring and corporate treasury and risk management – by September this year.
     Gopalkrishnan pointed out that the demand for accounting professionals was growing leaps and bounds.
The institute has also plans to start short-term courses at industry-level for mid-level managers. It has set up a committee to do a survey to find out areas which needs to be focused on.
New Delhi: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), one of the largest accounting bodies in the world, is likely to declare the results of the Chartered Accountants Final examination held in May 2012 and the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) held in June 2012.
Though no official confirmation is available from ICAI, the buzz on the Internet seems to indicate that the results would be declared latest by July 19.
Candidates can click on to register to receive results in their mailbox.
ICAI Announcements exam results latest examination cpt forms admit card ipcc 2012 online nirc
Otherwise, they can log on to to access their results.

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