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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Marlon Samuels Bangladesh v West Indies at Dhaka, Dec 5, 2012 Livescorecard Livestreaming Photos
Marlon Samuels Innings. Marlon Samuels is the Man of the Match. Marlon Samuels is the Beauty of the Match. Bangladesh v West Indies at Dhaka, Dec 5, 2012. Bangladesh v West Indies3rd ODI. Bangladesh v West Indies Livescorecard. Bangladesh v West Indies Livestreaming. Bangladesh v West Indies Photos.
Bangladesh 227 (49.1 ov)
West Indies 228/6 (47.0 ov)
West Indies won by 4 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Mashrafe Mortaza to Thomas, FOUR, edged and four! that was outside the off stump, he went out to fiddle at it, got an edge and flies between the keeper and the slip, goes to the fence to win West Indies the game
In the end, a win by four wickets and with three overs to spare seems like it was an easy victory but truth be told, the difference between the two teams was the one man, Marlon Samuels.
Samuels' century was one of the most calculated and matured knocks you would see on a track that a lot of purchase for the spinners. In fact, the Bangladeshi batsmen would do well to watch tapes of how he batted, they would learn a lot after they collapsed yet again to be restricted to only 227.
Kudos to the way Bangladesh fought as well, other teams may have thrown in the towel pretty early but the home side did not, and this is an attitude that will hold them in good stead for the rest of the series.
Marlon Samuels Bangladesh v West Indies at Dhaka, Dec 5, 2012 Livescorecard Livestreaming Photos
WI Vs Bangladesh

Samuels, Powell put WI in control

The pitch had plenty to keep the spinners interested under lights, but West Indies ensured no repeat of the top-order collapse in the second ODI in Mirpur, and progressed steadily towards the target of 228. Marlon Samuels looked ominous with a half-century, with a steady Kieran Powell for company.
Bangladesh expectedly opened with a spinner, Sohag Gazi, to exploit the bounce with the new ball. However, it was a seamer, Mashrafe Mortaza, who got the first wicket. Chris Gayle, unusually tepid all tour, was dismissed before he could get his eye in, fending a slower ball and popping a catch to the wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim. Mortaza tested Gayle earlier with fuller deliveries that moved away, and it looked like a wicket was always around the corner.
Samuels and Powell managed to get on top of the bowling because they used their feet well. Powell set the tone early when he charged Gazi and lofted inside out over extra cover for the first six of the innings. A feature of Samuels' knock was his willingness to play the ball late, waiting for it to turn before hitting. He used the crease well, going back at the crease to slap it square on the off side or delicately dab it away to pick up singles. If the ball was tossed up wide outside off, he waited and crashed it off the front foot past cover. Brute power and bat speed stood out in the way he fetched his boundaries.
Mortaza couldn't sustain the pressure after dimissing Gayle, bowling too short and wide outside off to Samuels who didn't hold back in smashing it over backward point. Spin was Bangladesh's best bet, as there was enough bite and turn to keep them interested. Powell was squared up by one ball from Gazi that straightened and nearly took off stump; Samuels was hit on the pads on a few occasions with the turn and bounce getting the better of him. The spinners did bowl a few half trackers, which were duly punished. Besides Samuels, the other challenge for the bowlers was the dew.
Marlon Samuels Profile:
Marlon Samuels is a right-hander of immense ability, who has so far struggled to realise his potential, thanks to the various controversies he has been embroiled in. When he started his Test career at 19, without yet representing his native Jamaica in a first-class match, his composure and skill prompted comparisons - quite unfairly - with Viv Richards. His technique was near to faultless, and he exudes a bull-headed confidence - he used to skip his schoolwork on the basis that exams were irrelevant to future Test cricketers.
However, that confidence, which often overflowed into perceived arrogance, has landed him in plenty of trouble. It almost got him sent home from India late in 2002 after he defied a team curfew - but he was kept on, and responded with his a disciplined maiden Test century in Kolkata. His lack of consistency meant he remained an irregular member of the team in the 2000s, but just before his selection for the 2007 World Cup, he was drawn into a major controversy after Nagpur police alleged that he passed on match-related information to an alleged bookie ahead of an ODI against India. He was included in the World Cup squad despite the ICC's investigations into the issue, where he only briefly shone, ending the tournament by running out Brian Lara in his last international innings.
He was called for the World Twenty20 in South Africa in 2007, but the match-fixing allegations reared its head in 2008 when he was found guilty of "receiving money, or benefit or other reward that could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute." Samuels was subsequently banned for two years, at a time when West Indies desperately needed solidity in their middle-order. He returned to the West Indies Test and ODI teams in 2011, but it was only on the tour to England in 2012 that he finally showed what he was capable of. Against a top-class bowling attack in difficult conditions, Samuels scored 386 runs in five innings, with a century and three fifties, defying the England bowlers every time with his correct technique and classy strokeplay. Later that year came a highlight of his career: a gutsy, snappy 78 in the World Twenty20 final against Sri Lanka, which lifted West Indies out of a hole and to their first world title since the 1979 World Cup. 
Beauty of the Match:
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, SIX, and again, fuller, faster and it goes off the bat really quickly as well, and over the long-off fence for a six! 24 off the over takes West Indies to within 10 runs of their first win this series
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, no run, wild swing this time, beaten but misses the stumps, goes through to the keeper
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, SIX, whoa, whoa whoa! Samuels has turned it on so well this over, it was pitched right up to the bat and slower, Samuels was waiting, he picks it up and smacks it over long-on for a six, game, set and match I would believe.
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, FOURthree in three! and is this the end of the game? it was fuller and he gives himself room and drives it through the mid-wicket region for a four!
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, FOUR, fuller and that is two in two! drilled through the covers for a four, this has been one of the most matured innings you would see on a turning track
Rubel Hossain to Samuels, FOUR, now that he has his 100, and now that the required-rate's going up, he goes for the cut, gets bit of an outside edge and rushes away to the fine third-man for a four

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