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Friday, 14 December 2012

Vidya Balan Marriage Pictures Ceremony Latest News Images/Photos/Pics films Siddharth Roy Married

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Vidya Balan (pronounced  born 1 January 1978) is an Indian film actress who appears in Hindi, Bengali, and Malayalam language films. At age sixteen, Balan landed her first acting role, in the sitcom Hum Paanch (1995). After making several unsuccessful attempts to start a career in film, she acted in television commercials and music videos. In 2003 she made her feature film debut with the independent Bengali drama Bhalo Theko.
Vidya Balan Marriage Pictures Ceremony Latest News Images/Photos/Pics films Siddharth Roy Married
Vidya Balan Married to Siddarth Roy

Vidya Balan gets married to Siddharth Roy Kapoor:
Actress Vidya Balan is said to have married Siddharth Roy Kapur, the managing director of Studios, Disney UTV, in an early morning ceremony at a temple in Chembur on Friday. It was a very private affair attended only by the family members of both sides, reported Mid-Day.
Balan's marriage has been the most closely guarded and fiercely protected occasion in Bollywood in recent times. The families were tight-lipped about the ceremonies and the actress even opted for a private mehndi ceremony at her Khar residence on Wednesday night. It was attended by her family members, and Vidya's favourite, veteran actress Rekha marked her presence.
Vidya wore a yellow sari in typical Bengali style with floral ornaments. She even chose to go simple with her mehdni - rather than the usual full-hand intricate design, Vidya went with round blobs of henna on her palm.

They had a private family dinner on Tuesday night. A wedding reception will reportedly be held in Chennai on Saturday. If grapevine is to be believed, the nuptials will be conducted both in Punjabi and south Indian styles.
The engagement saw her wearing a gold and maroon South silk, her hair open, standing beside a beaming Kapur. According to media reports, the temple rituals were observed in traditional Tamil style.
Vidya Balan Marriage Pictures Ceremony Latest News Images/Photos/Pics films Siddharth Roy
Vidya Balan Marriage Pics

Vidya Balan’s much-anticipated marriage to UTV CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur happened earlier today at the Green Mile bungalow in Bandra.

The 'Kahaani' and 'Dirty Picture' star is now Mrs Siddharth Roy Kapur.

While early reports seemed to suggest that the marriage had taken place at 4.45 am at the Sri Subramania temple in Chembur, preparations for the ceremony were happening at a bungalow in Bandra.

The initial reports seem to have been a throw-off in a bid to keep the proceedings as private as possible.

The wedding ceremonies took about an hour and is rumoured to have been a mix of Punjabi and South Indian styles. The bride wore a mustard saree with a green border and a pink blouse, designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The groom wore a yellow kurta and a pink turban.

Vidya changed sarees thrice during the wedding ceremony, and one of them, as mentioned earlier, was a mustard one with a pink blouse. She was also seen in a red and gold silk saree.

Vidya Balan Marriage Pictures Ceremony Latest News Images/Photos/Pics films Siddharth Married
Vidya Balan Marriage

The wedding festivities for the couple began on December 11 with a private dinner which was followed by a mehendi ceremony on December 12th. The couple will be hosting a reception in Chennai.

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur never went over-board displaying their love for each other.
Bollywood actress Vidya Balan and Disney (UTV Motion Pictures) CEO, Siddharth Roy Kapur finally tied the knot today (Friday) in a very private affair.

There were various reports suggesting various venue for the marriage ceremony.

Some reports suggested that it happened in Bandra but latest updates reveal that it happened in a temple in Chembur.

Vidya Balan's residence is also at Chembur. Sources reveal that Vidya was wearing a sari designed by her favorite designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Thankfully the Bollywood celebrity bandwagon was not the focus this time and the press will not get the pleasure of discussing who wore what and who bumped into whom.

The focus was on the wedding of two people in love, just like the way it should be.

The wedding was kept a very private affair with only family members and close friends present.

Earlier this week, the couple had hosted a private family dinner, followed by a mehendi ceremony on December 12.

The only celebrity who was seen attending Vidya's mehendi was veteran actress Rekha.

Rekha wore a green and red order silk saree and as usual kept her hair open with minimal jewellery.

There is a possibility that the couple could have a separate reception event where possibly Bollywood industry could be invited.

Vidya Balan Marriage Pics:

Complete Story:
As a hormonal teenager growing up in the 1970s, I was so enamoured of Shabana Azmi that I took up the courage to write to her with a suggestion that we elope. She was some 14 years older than I, and not quite the star she later became, but something about her – perhaps a mix of the cerebral and the sultry – stirred me up in curious ways. And in the spirit of the precocious boy Erasmus Leaf in the endearing film Dear Brigitte, who is infatuated with Brigitte Bardot and writes epistles of love, I wrote to Shabana and poured my heart out.
I never received so much as an autographed photograph from her, which left me broken-hearted, which pain was amplified years later when I learnt that she had married a poet named Javed Akhtar.
But one of the points I emphasised in my letter to Shabana, I recall, was that I would be perfectly happy to settle for a sherbet wedding – a simple, no-frills wedding. This was as much a concession to my penurious state as to the fact that during the Emergency, which had been in force about that time, the government had introduced a Guest Control Order, which stipulated a ceiling on the number of guests who could be invited even to private ceremonial events like weddings.
It was a time of enforced socialist austerity, and everything was strictly rationed. And if you needed additional provisions or sugar or ghee to prepare sweetmeats for a wedding, you had to file an application in triplicate with the Civil Supplies Department. And since Indira Gandhi’s minions ran a pretty efficient police state, civil supplies inspectors would turn up unannounced at weddings and – I kid you not – do a head-count of the number of visitors and levy a fine if they exceeded the ceiling. I remember my aunt was married in 1976, when the Emergency was in full force, and my siblings and I were put on sentry duty to sound early warning alerts in case we espied the inspectors coming. Needless to say, it took the joy out of the festive occasion for us.

Others elsewhere across India, of course, had far worse experiences of the Emergency, but it says something about those perverse times that they reduced even a 12-year-old such as I to a nervous wreck at what was to have been a joyous occasion.
Nevertheless, although I detest the notion of enforced austerity to this day, particularly when it is characterised by hypocrisy and double-speak, the realisation that there may be some merit in the voluntary curtailment of conspicuous consumption, particularly on weddings, has stayed with me over the years.
Many years later, when I did get married, in far more material times, it was an event of such spartan simplicity – solemnised by an Arya Samaj priest on the foyer of my wife’s parents’ home – that even if a posse of Emergency-era civil supplies inspectors had raided the premises, they would have been satisfied by the low head-count of invitees.
Which is why I’m profoundly gratified by the news that Vidya Balan had a temple wedding this morning, attended by only a handful of immediate family members.
Weddings are, of course, intensely personal affairs, and like I said earlier I don’t much care for enforced austerity. But to me, the solemnity of the occasion is inversely proportional to the scale of operations. And although I enjoy a lavish Sooraj Barjatya production, with four weddings and as many suhaag raats, as much as the next man, I have to admit that some of the most solemn wedding ceremonies I’ve attended have been at austere temple weddings – of the sort that Vidya Balan gave herself.
As actor Aamir Khan noted after one of his Satyamev Jayate episodes, “‘Bade dhoom dhaam se shaadi,’ is probably one of the most common phrases in India. There’s so much of emotion, thought, focus, all concentrated on the ‘event’: ‘How will I look on that one day?’ ‘How will society perceive me and my chosen partner?’ ‘What will they say about the wedding arrangements?’ ‘What will they say about the invitation card?’ ‘What will they say about the food?’ ‘What will they say about the clothes?’”
But, as he observed, not enough consideration goes into the lifetime that the married couple will hopefully spend together.
The higher up the social ladder you are, the better off you are, the greater the societal pressure to have a vanity wedding. And of course, economists will tell you that big fat Indian weddings keep the wheels of commerce spinning in a good way. But it’s just as true that among much of middle-class and lower-middle-class India, the compulsions of lavish weddings push entire families into indebtedness.

Career Profile:
In 2005 Balan garnered praise for her first Hindi film, Parineeta, and followed it with a leading role in the blockbuster Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006). Her subsequent portrayal of glamorous characters in the films Heyy Babyy (2007) and Kismat Konnection(2008) met with negative comments from film critics. The year 2009, however, marked the beginning of the most successful period in Balan's career as she portrayed five consecutive roles to wide critical acclaim in Paa (2009), Ishqiya (2010), No One Killed Jessica (2011), The Dirty Picture (2011), and Kahaani (2012). These roles have earned her the tag of a "female hero" and established her as a leading contemporary actress of Hindi cinema.
Balan has received one National Film Award, four Filmfare Awards and four Screen Awards. She initially drew criticism for her fluctuating weight and poor dress sense, but was later credited in the media for retaining her individuality and breaking stereotypes of a Hindi film heroine. Balan is a social activist and supports the empowerment of women. On 14 December 2012, she married film producer Siddharth Roy Kapur.

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