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Friday, 10 August 2012

Andala Rakshasi Movie Review Trailers Rating Images Latest News Story Stills Wallpapers Videos

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Andala Rakshasi Movie Review:-
'Love is the irresistible gravity between hearts that pulls them into the game of fate'. This has been best carried out on the screen through Andala Rakshasi. Hanu Raghavapudi debut directorial venture has sound technical values. The heart-touching love story seems to be a rehash of Manirathnam's early film. It appears like the director is retelling the story of Mounaragam with tragic end.
Andala Rakshasi Movie Review Trailers Rating Images Latest News Story Stills Wallpapers Videos
Andala Rakshasi 
The cinematography of Murali G is the major attraction of the movie Andhala Rakshasi. Lead actors' performance, Radhan's musical score, Hanu Raghavapudi's poetic narration, comedy, stunning visuals, amazing art work are its other highlights. The lethargic and slow paced narration is its biggest drawback.
The story of Andhala Rakshasi, which is set in 1991, is centre-staged on three pure hearts Surya, Gowtham and Midhuna. It is all about falling in love, forgetting and waiting for love. The film highlights love and its dark side of tormenting its patrons in pursuit of it. They resemble the three celestial bodies Sun, Moon and Earth. Set in motion by the force of love, the three individuals can neither come close nor cut off, but are destined to revolve around the dear ones.
Gowtham (Rahul Ravindran) is son of a rich father. He falls in love with Mithuna (Lavanya Tripathi) at first sight. And he wants to marry her, but he waits for her to develop love towards him. But she is emotionally connected to her dead lover Surya (Naveen Chandra). Whether Gowtham will find a replace or not will form the crux of the story.
The narration is very slow and nothing interesting happens in the first half of the movie, in which Gowtham and Mithuna are just sitting in his father's hill resort. He keeps gazing at her, while she is awkward and anxious and is looking around except him. This whole sequence appears blank and dragging.
Rahul Ravindran has delivered wonderful acting, his expressions throughout the movie are awesome. As Mithuna, Lavanya Tripathi has done her part very well and she emotes well, which is appealing. But it is Naveen Chandra, whose rock-solidness makes everyone like him in the end. Others have also done justice to their roles.
Andala Rakshasi Movie Review Trailers Rating Images Latest News Story Stills Wallpapers
Andala Rakshasi Movie 
Murali G's camera work is main attraction in the technical front. Then comes art work, which is also super. Radhan's music is also plus point of the movie. His compositions like 'Yemito' and 'Emito ivale rekkalochinattu' are good to listen. Editing is also commendable.
Andala Rakshasi in Detail:-
Cast & Crew:- 
Andala Rakshasi Movie Review Trailers Rating Images Latest Story Stills Wallpapers Videos
Andala Rakshasi Movie Heroine
Gautam (Rahul Ravindran) loves Midhuna (Lavanya) who cannot get over the accidental death of her first love Surya(Naveen Chandra). Just as Midhuna begins to start falling in love again with Gautam, he discovers that Surya is still alive.

Spoiler alert! It's a tragedy! The film ends in one i.e. But then there was a time in Telugu cinema, (the mid to late eighties to be specific) when films tragic romances like Mouna Raagam and Geetanjali were the zeitgeist. Andala Rakshasi is of that vintage, as far as matters of taste, sensibility and cinematic integrity go at least. On the flip side though the film avoids all the "silly business"(read as forced comedy tracks, silly jokes, unconnected action) that most filmmakers resort to, hoping to appeal to the masses among the audience.

A rare few filmmakers though try to make the movie that they want to make, the one that they think the audiences will identify with. Debutante director, Hanu seems to belong to that category. It has to be said he has given a good account of himself in his first outing in bringing back irony and despair into romance.

Set in the early nineties, the film revolves around the Gautham, Lavanya and Surya. Gautham is the only son of a rich dad who owns Rs 500 crore worth of businesses. But he prefers to live life making a pittance playing guitar at a local pub instead. He falls in love the first time he sees Midhuna. She happens to kick a football which throws him off his bike while he's on his way to somewhere. The two get to meet each other again when Midhuna survives a fatal accident. Gautham's dad helps her family with the finances needed to save her life.

But then Midhuna comes back to life from a four month coma enquiring if a certain Surya is dead, and she is more than destroyed when her parents nod in confirmation. It turns out Surya is a bit of a wastrel who can't help landing himself in trouble all the time. But he's so struck by Midhuna that he follows her until she falls for him eventually, which is when the accident happens. And then Gautham discovers that Surya is still alive, in self destruct mode yet his love for Midhuna still intact. Then the melodrama kicks in.

The film is told in a series of gripping flash backs, going back and forth in time. The cinematography is crackling. The filmmaker uses landscape of Ooty to drive home the poignancy of the romance and doing a good job of recreating the nineties. Each frame seems to have been constructed with care. The background score gives you the goose bumps. The music is melodious and fun and writing is lyrical yet simple. On technical front there isn't much to complain about.

The performances are natural and haunting. The debutante Lavanya has the author backed role and does a great job of it. She has a very versatile face and the filmmaker utilized it to the hilt. The boys Naveen Chandra and Rahul were both pretty good themselves.

It's the tragic climax that runs against the grain of commercial Telugu cinema with its compulsive obsession for happy endings. Also it is loaded too much with the 90's sensibility of tragedy and sacrifice. Also the movie moves along at a pace of its own and it might not really cut ice with our audiences used to the predictability of "masala".
Andala Rakshasi Movie Review Trailers Rating Images Latest News Story Wallpapers Videos
Andala Rakshasi Movie Review
Movie Highlights from Abroad Shows:-
1) The Movie has simply started with a grim hospital scene. Scene shifts to 1991 and Rahul are available in as Gautham
2) The Title of Andhala Rakshasi is discovered fantastically. Lavanya comes in as Mithuna, trying attractive in an exceedingly yellow chudidaar..She gets immense claps and whistles from the group,just like a prime heroine
3) Time for the primary song ‘Emito ivale rekkalochinattu’. Cool visuals and fantastically shot. Lavanya is Looking attractive
4) Naveen comes in as Surya. Unexpectedly stunning scene
5) a spread romantic track between Gautham and Mithuna is build up.
6) The story is being discovered at a really slow pace.. Surya’s character has not been seen once more.
7) Time For Interval. The first half of the movie does not reveal much, apart from a basic define of the plot
8) Naveen’s character comes in totally into the story and provides momentum. The song ‘Ye Manthramo’ is on currently
9) “Vennante Untunna” song is on currently. Pace has picked up within the half once Surya’s character came in. a pleasant one sided romance is being unraveled
10) Good comedy and a few terribly nicely shot scenes are keeping viewers amused
11) An surprising twist. the Triangle story currently is smart
12) The Movie is heading Towards a gripping climax.



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