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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Coca-cola NDTV support My School campaign Season 2 For Building a Happier Tomorrow

Coca-cola NDTV 'Support My School' campaign. Coca-cola NDTV support My School Season 2. NDTV support My School For Building a Happier Tomorrow. SACHIN on the Campaign in Season 2 Special.For Building a Happier Tomorrow...This is Good Start and it goes on in a Right way as it had a Better Start.
Coca-cola NDTV support My School campaign Season 2 For Building a Happier Tomorrow
Support My School
India is a young country and one of the primary drivers of a young nation is education. The Right to Education is now enshrined in the Indian constitution and is one of the principal requirements for a nation to flourish and achieve its economic and social potential.

To ensure that education reaches every child, it is imperative that the children study in healthy and active schools, schools that offer basic amenities and a healthy environment for children to come to school. The quest to make a difference in revitalizing rural and semi-urban schools led to formation of the partnership among NDTV, Coca-Cola and UN-Habitat.
Coca-cola NDTV support My School campaign Season 2 Building a Happier Tomorrow
NDTV Support My School 
SEASON 2 TARGET: 250 Schools
                                   Final Count 272
The partnership took the shape of the campaign “Support My School” in January 2011. The campaign was designed to channelize strengths of the partners and come up with a model of healthy active schools across the country.

Today through Support My School, over 100 schools spread over 10 states can lay claim to better access to sanitation, water, playing facilities, libraries, computer centers and a more welcoming and learning environment.
Coca-cola NDTV support My School campaign Season For Building a Happier Tomorrow
Support My School-Sachin
Over the last year, Support My School has evolved from being a campaign into becoming a platform. Pearson Foundation and Tata Teleservices added a new dimension to the campaign. Several likeminded organizations, foundations, citizens and citizen groups have extended their support that has led to the schools being revitalized.

The challenge now is not to stop at 100 schools, but capture the learning and build on the success. We strongly believe that challenges are best solved when all stakeholders put their collective might behind finding locally relevant solutions.

We aspire to work together to take this campaign forward and help create a welcome and caring environment in schools for our children.

Several studies have revealed that lack of basic amenities like Toilets, Access to Water and Basic Infrastructure create an unwelcome environment in schools, which leads to higher rate of absenteeism, finally resulting into drop outs.

Girl child in such areas suffer the most. It is estimated that over 50% of rural schools in India have non-functional or no toilets. As the girl enters adolescence, she at many times involuntarily sits at home just because there are no proper, separate toilets for girls in rural schools. Lack of proper water and sanitation facilities in schools in rural India continues to remain a huge challenge.

Coca-cola NDTV support My School campaign S-2 For Building a Happier Tomorrow
Coca-cola NDTV Support My School
With an extensive preparation of almost a year, the partners in their quest to bring a positive change launched SUPPORT MY SCHOOL (SMS) Campaign on 24th January, 2011. The campaign soon found support from several quarters and eminent cricketer Sachin Tendulkar joined as the campaign ambassador.

Support My School was launched with an initial corpus of Rs. 10 million/USD 200,000 by Coca-Cola India and UN HABITAT. The campaign ultimately set its ambition to raise at least INR 50 million/USD 1,000,000 from people at large, key stakeholders, corporate sector and other groups.

The funds raised through a multistakeholder engagement were planned to be then deployed to revitalize over 100 healthy and active schools in rural and semi-urban towns directly impacting thousands of students across the country

Coca-Cola India, NDTV and UN-Habitat came together to launch a unique campaign 'SUPPORT MY SCHOOL' to raise awareness and funds to provide revitalization of schools in rural and semi-urban India with an emphasis on proper sanitation, access to water and sporting facilities. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) was then appointed the Implementation Partner and Sulabh International as the Knowledge Partner for this campaign.


The campaign adopted a multi-pronged objective approach. The objectives not only included sensitizing the community at large but also sought to make Support My School to become a platform for the community to make a difference. The campaign was built around following pillars to create maximum impact. 
Build mass awareness on importance of water and sanitation and how it impacts education
Engage communities and schools in providing solutions
Bring all stakeholders on a common platform
Reach out to at least 10 million people
Raise funds to directly support at least 100 schools
A Big Thank You To All Those Who've Made A Differ


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