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Saturday, 2 March 2013

I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News John Abraham Photos Images Preview Ratings Songs Music

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I Me Aur Main
Director: Kapil Sharma
Cast: John Abraham, Chitrangda Singh, Prachi Desai

I, Me Aur Main
John Abraham is surrounded by women; all the time. That’s true in real life as well, but let’s just talk about his (not as enviable) situation in debutant director Kapil Sharma’sI, Me Aur Mainfor now.
Mother, sister, girlfriend, boss, friend—all the key people in his life on the reel are women. So you’d think he’d be an ace at handling them, but…then we wouldn’t have a movie about it, would we?
Abraham’s character Ishaan is a self-centered, spoilt brat. He’s been brought up since childhood by his mother (Zarina Wahab) to believe that no matter what, he is the best; indulged through the years by his sister (Mini Mathur), who’s always covered his tracks for him; humoured by his boss (Raima Sen) at the music label company where he works; fawned over by singers desperate for their big break; and tolerated by his hot, successful corporate lawyer girlfriend, Anushka (Chitrangada Singh).
The first time we see her, we wonder if we’ve accidentally walked into the screening of Inkaar 2. Either that, or she had no time between wrapping up the original and starting this movie to even change her hairstyle or nail polish, never mind get a new wardrobe. Ok, maybe I’m nitpicking. But there’s so much time to get distracted during this film that it was bound to happen, and I will generously forgive myself.
I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News John Abraham Photos Images Preview Ratings Songs Music
I, Me Aur Main Movie 
So anyway, Anushka is in love with Ishaan, who is also in love with himself. That’s about all they seem to have in common any more. They’ve been together three years, and she’s demanding a commitment and meet-and-greet with his parents in Pune. He’s getting drunk at bars, some days even before Happy Hour begins, and avoiding her and the situation. (I heard a girl in the audience hiss the words ‘so typical!’ at this point during the film, so it obviously struck a chord.) Eventually, she can’t stand it any more and kicks Ishaan out of her posh flat, which the two of them have been sharing thus far.
At this point, he’s also been fired from his job and everything in his perfect life is starting to fall apart. He tries very hard to be heartbroken. Except, that’s tough when you’re John Abraham, and only have an adorable half-smile and a beautiful derrière in your entire repertoire (at some point he calls himself a ‘sexy idiot’ and really, I couldn’t have put it better myself). So instead he decides to skip this step and move on, already. He gets a new apartment; has to handle his mother who suddenly shows up from Pune to live with him because they very quickly and vaguely explain she’s tired of her husband/his father’s growing demands; and meets the girl next door, Gauri (Prachi Desai).
Fashion stylist by profession (shocking, considering how badly she’s been styled in the movie herself), bubbly by affliction, Gauri is the stable, carefree, happy sort that everyone likes. However, her act eventually gets so cutesy and upbeat that her character starts to irritate me, which in most Bollywood movies can only mean that we’re merely minutes away from Ishaan falling for her.
Does he? For real? Can she change him into a decent, more responsible human being? What about Anushka? Does his mother ever go back home? All this and more after the interval, if you hang around that long. We can’t promise it’ll be worth it for you; this is a decision you’re going to have to make for yourself.
Despite being disappointed at how it all turned out, I still have a fair share of expectations from the film’s director. Kapil Sharma is clearly happy to experiment with unpredictable, unconventional stories, and that could be pretty fun. I, Me Aur Main didn’t work like it should have; but maybe next time, with a tighter script and sharper performances from his actors, it will.

Movie Review:
On paper, the premise may have looked extremely neat about a commitment phobic guy just interested in having a good time between the sheets. But as the reels unfold, things get so bedraggled that you get distracted easily from what’s going on. You start noticing the protagonist Mr Commitment Phobic’s (John) collection of tees and how many times he squints a smile and crinkles his face his trademark. It could have been fun and maybe the writer (Devika Bhagat) had jotted something but its screenplay and execution by the debutant director makes it lacking.
Mr Commitment Phobic declares to his Ms Live-in Girlfriend (Chitrangda) that he will not pay the milkman as he only has black coffee. Perhaps this declaration should have been for the audience too pay and watch at your own risk! As he is a mama’s boy as soon as Ms Live-In Girlfriend dumps him, his mother (Zarina Wahab) arrives to look after him in his new neighbourhood. No sooner he befriends a Ms Chirpy Neighbour (Prachi).
I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News John Abraham Photos Images Preview Ratings Songs
I, Me Aur Main
Things unfold as you wonder what the characters actually do. Mr Commitment Phobic is part of the music industry, at least that’s clear. While Ms Chirpy Neighbour has something to do with the fashion industry thanks to that one scene of her being at a shoot. She even makes her own statement wearing only one earring! Meanwhile Ms Live In Girlfriend is someone well settled. She realises she is pregnant but does not want to tell Mr Commitment Phobic.
Enter his sister (Mini Mathur) to knock sense into his head as well as of their mother. Suddenly Ms Chirpy Neighbour wants to take off for Paris with Mr Commitment Phobic. But by now he is making amends, rushing his girlfriend to the hospital for delivery and even giving a speech to the newborn (who looks overage).
The only thing worth watching in this trite film is the stylist’s work as the main characters step out in their trendy best. In the credits roll is the name of Vicky Donor writer Juhi Chaturvedi as creative consultant. Perhaps she was not consulted to the fullest to save Mr Commitment Phobic to live up to his ‘I am the best’ lingo he continuously mouths in the film.

Movie review: I, Me Aur Main
I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News John Abraham Photos Images Preview Ratings Song Music
I, Me Aur Main Movie Pics
A rom-com about a self-obsessed music producer who loves himself too much to notice that life might be passing him by is anything but oven-fresh. But in the larger context of popular Hindi cinema, a love story that does not culminate in a big fat Indian wedding is certainly a novelty.

Debutant director Kapil Sharma constructs a narrative that, superficially, appears far more interesting than it actually is. Nobody in the film gets exactly what he or she really wants and yet everybody goes home happy.

Unfortunately, the audience doesn’t because I, Me Aur Main is a rather listless drama about grown-ups who still have much growing up to do. Eventually it amounts to much ado about nothing.

The primary problem with the film is that the male protagonist is an outright cheapskate surrounded by at least half a dozen women who deserve much better than this twerp.

He is a thoroughly unlikable bundle of contradictions who is commitment-phobic and self-centered and shies away, despite several protestations to the contrary, from taking his live-in partner to his mom in Pune and talk about marriage until it is too late.

But when push comes to shove, all that the man needs is a gentle verbal nudge from his over-protective mother to see where exactly he is going wrong. The climactic course correction is all very contrived and cutesy to be convincing.

I, Me Aur Main is about a music company executive, Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham), who lives in the apartment of his well-to-do girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangada Singh) but refuses to share either the workload or the expenses of the household.

When the milkman is at the door the lady’s name is emblazoned on it he refuses pay up because, as he unabashedly insists, he “does not drink milk and even has black coffee”.

Ishaan is the sort of guy who, when his girl says that she loves him, responds with “I love me too”.

It definitely can’t be easy having a man like him around, so one wonders why the woman takes three years to decide that she has had enough of him.

When he is down, Ishaan stands before a mirror, pretends to be a boxer facing an imaginary punching bag, and mutters: “I am the best, I am the best.” That certainly isn’t the greatest way to confront life.

He is finally unceremoniously locked out of the house by an exasperated Anushka when he stumbles back home after a late night binge.
I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News John Abraham Photos Images Preview Songs Music
I, Me Aur Main John Abraham 
Ishaan’s mother (Zarina Wahab) lands up in his new pad to guide him through the low phase.

He also begins to receive the amorous attention of a chirpy fashion stylist-neighbour (Prachi Desai). She describes herself as a “part-time electrician”. The sparks do fly and a love triangle ensues. Ishaan is caught in a tangle of his own making.

It takes the efforts of four women the mother, a sister (Mini Mathur in her first big screen appearance) who happens to be his estranged beloved’s confidante, and of course the two contenders for his love to bail him out of the corner he paints himself into.

Part of the film also meanders through a maze of limpid music industry rivalries involving a boss another lady (Raima Sen) determined to put the cocky man in his place and a couple of new female singers who are looking for the big break. That’s a pretext for a couple of musical numbers.

But like the rest of the film, the songs barely pass muster.

The performances are, however, generally earnest and manage to attain an even quality. John Abraham, hot but not always happening, wisely stays firmly within his limits.

The high point of the star turn is when he takes off his shirt to jump into a swimming pool and Prachi Desai intones: “Wow, striptease!”

Chitrangada strikes the right notes for the most part and Prachi Desai lends a bubbly energy to a few of the scenes. Both Zarina Wahab and Mini Mathur bring a touch of warmth to bear upon an otherwise hopelessly soggy film.
I, Me Aur Main Movie Review Latest News Jn Abraham Photos Images Preview Ratings Songs Music
I, Me Aur Main Images 
"I, Me Aur Main has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax"
The moment you see two heroines plastered on the poster with a hero, there is an assumption the film would be a love triangle. However, debutant director Kapil Sharma’s I, Me Aur Main strives to break the norm as it attempts to tell a contemporary modern day storydealing with issues like live-in relationships, unwed pregnancy and infidelity.
We are introduced to Ishaan (John Abraham) as a child who’s pampered beyond means by his doting mother (Zarine Wahab) at the cost of his elder sister's (Mini Mathur) feelings. He grows up to be this man-child living with his girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangada) having no concern about the gravity her emotions or the pending milk man’s bill! Surrounded by women his mother, sister, girlfriend , the bitchy boss (Raima Sen) who hates his guts, he approaches their criticism with his signature ‘Ishaan’s the best’ self belief mantra where he air boxes his problems out of his head.
When everything seems to be going right, life takes an unexpected turn.Ishaan loses his job, his girlfriend and is faced with challenges beyond his control.His new neighbor Gauri (Prachi Desai) turns out to be a temporary solution to his woes.A free spirited fashion stylist she is an antidote to Anushka’s grim and brooding commitment craving personality.But their flirtatious romance is short lived as Ishaan’s past comes haunting him throwing him in the pits of introspection and perspective. What happens between these three characters and how they deal with each others insecurities and feelings is what the film turns out to be.

Thankfully the dialogues are light and breezy, keeping the conversations seem real. Sharma has a keen eye to create moments that don’t get too serious or dwell upon the dark side of the situation. Ishaan and Anushka’s scenes in the second half are poignant and restrained highlightingthe fragility of their relationship without going overboard with the dramatics. The Saajna track is a lyrical gem and works superbly in conveying the pain of an unrequited love.
John fits the role of Ishaan with ease. His body language and self confidence seems natural. Chitrangda is the underdog managing to leave a lasting impression each time she comes on screen. Prachi has the meatiest role and she sinks her teeth into it with glee. Her transition from the care-a-damn next door neighbor to someone who understands that nothing lasts forever is portrayed marvelously. However, the second half loses steam before the climax kicks in. The sequence where Ishaan launches his musical protege is long drawn. Prachi’s change of heart towards the end could have had a better graph.Raima’s character seems out of place, like a prop used to fill in the loop holes.
I, Me Aur Main has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax. Watch it if new-age romance laced with a good looking ensemble is what gets you ticking.



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